Making a sustainable future for our community

We are a one-stop shop for all things sustainable. We offer high-quality compost, aggregates, and garden supplies that are carefully sourced to ensure they are environmentally responsible and safe for use in your garden. Our products are perfect for anyone who wants to grow their own food, create beautiful outdoor spaces, or simply live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Both Sustain & Mr Crappers Potting shed believe in a renewable and sustainable future. Together we have teamed up to become a one-stop shop for renewable and sustainable garden products, this will kick start our Sustain initiative. Our initiative will be slowly revealed as we get closer to being prepared to set our next steps in sustainability.

Thanks to the experience Mr Crappers Potting shed holds in the recycled compost industry, we together can find new ways of producing more sustainable products to enhance your outdoor projects without inflicting too much of a carbon footprint.

Together we are devoted to transforming our community into a more sustainable and eco location in the UK. We want to inspire more to think more sustainable to improve our total carbon footprint as a country. Today we need to start thinking about our future.

Sustain is a new initiative founded by Crapper and Sons Landfill Ltd, a family run business that has been providing landfill and sustainable solutions to its local communities for over 40 years.

Based on the outskirts of Wootton Bassett, Sustain aligns with the core values of Crapper and Sons Landfill Ltd, which is committed to recycling, reusing and repurposing. Its goals are to deliver sustainable food, energy, employment and living to its local community.

Sustain’s mission is to have positive impact on communities and places. This includes providing affordable food, improving the quality, availability and sustainability of new homes built around existing towns, and enhancing employment opportunities by providing sustainable heat and power, and eco-workplaces.

Transforming landfill sites into climate friendly food, heating and energy centres, owned by Community Interest Companies, Sustain’s Super-Midden concept is a revolutionary new solution that could change the face of the landfill sector globally, turning existing landfill sites into one of the most climate-friendly, carbon negative methods of waste disposal.